A challenging social experiment on civility (or lack there of) and a solution

We’re losing our capability for civility

We’re drowning in self induced misery

When have we ever learned from cruelty?

We bash our counterparts so brutally-

That it erodes our human ability

To love

Why can’t we recognize our disability?

Why do we strive for uncivilized brutality?

Why do we cling to discord so hatefully?

It seems we relish in inducing misery

Rather than teaching our greatest ability

To love

Why have we chosen to reach for futility?

It seems we don’t want the responsibility

To teach our young the accessibility

To the power to nurture and grow our fertility

To love

So many people question “how do we do it?”

Or say “we need to do it” but offer no solutions….

The solution is one word. It’s love.

“It’s love for everyone by everyone!”

Just try this for one day.

Say “I love you.” Tell as many people you can- strangers, loved ones, enemies and friends, everyone you can! Please. Try it for just one day out of your entire existence.

And listen to your peace at day’s end

Did you smile? Does it feel good? Did you mend?

If hate or anger arises put it behind “I LOVE YOU”

And you will discover an amazing thing-

Incivility, brutality, misery and cruelty,

Hate, discord, and loss of direction will be replaced by their own counterparts-

By love.

It worked for me anyway……..If it does for you then share your truth.

I Love You,

Joel Prickett 10/30/18

Published by Joel Prickett

I have a desire to help people with my writing whether through stories, poetry or personal contact. I’ve seen and been through a lot in my life and have learned the purpose of it is to help others

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