In reference to independence-

I don’t want it, it’s a hindrance.

If you don’t understand please don’t try.

This is for those who get drunk and high.

Paradoxes are coming this instant.

Substances are where we are dependent-

Along with ourselves, making us interdependent.

We must concede to our innermost self

That we’re living in a self induced hell-

And find an Almighty respondent, a higher power for instance.

There must occur, then, a transfer of dependence

From ourselves and the substances to one with omnicompetence-

A power, a spirit, a force greater than us-

Trust when I say that this is a must.

But also trust this doesn’t happen permanently, or all in an instant.

By giving us free will God made us independent.

We responded with self abuse, becoming despondent and dependent.

We must for ourselves try not to hinder-

In order to win we must surrender.

We don’t have to die, but rather we need to get to the point where we’re broken and need to be mended.

I’d rather then, and now do live a life in dependence. (God)

I’m not giving the option to substances and booze to end this.

Until I can thank Him as I look in his face

I’m content and happy to live in his grace-

As I choose to not live a life of self-serving, self-absorbed independence….

So I guess I’ll end this

Joel Prickett


Brighter Side

Brighter Side

The dark reveals no light, like pitch black standing alone with your fears.

The dark gives no warmth, like cold internal shudders holding back tears.

The dark has always been the dark, inversely with light it will always be tied

But light, light will always be light, or what I like to call the brighter side

This light and dark, it may be as simple as day and night

This light and dark, it may be as easy as flipping a switch to a room

This light and dark, it may be as plain as getting your coffee just right

But this dark and light, it may be the key to you choosing your doom

The light provides vision of things to see and things yet to be

The light chases away darkness and quells fears which don’t want you free

The light brings life to parts of you that you thought have once died

The light can do many things once you begin to see the brighter side

The dark can be endless, you can stay in it, even live there if you choose

But the light, the light gives warmth, it can even spread positivity if you decide

This light can chase away the darkness, if you stay in the light you cannot lose

Please, I beg of you, please always choose to look for the brighter side

Sometimes you have to go through darkness to reach the light

Sometimes you have to do wrong to learn what’s right

Sometimes the dark’s so dark you feel it’s taken your voice

But please, please realize that the brighter side is a choice

Joel Prickett


LOVE- needs and wants

Love- needs and wants

I don’t need reciprocity

I need prosperity

I want love with velocity

I want love with sincerity

I don’t need to meet halfway

I need a gateway

I want love the old-fashioned way

I want love like break waves

I don’t need compassion

I need full expression

I want unfathomed passion

I want to leave a lifelong impression

I don’t need discernment

I need endearment

I want to take off the armament

I want to wonder where the years went

I don’t need to be placated

I need to feel my heart’s exhilaration

I want to know why I’ve waited

I want a love induced vacation

I don’t need to be captured

I need someone standing next to me

I want rather to be raptured

I want to give that someone ecstasy

I don’t need a love that’s forever

I need a love that is now

I want to live and cherish each and every second

I want to share this somehow

I don’t need someone who doesn’t know what I’ve been through

I need to continue learning (with God) to love myself each day

I want someone who is able to love themself too

I want to give someone myself, and part from my selfish ways

I don’t need to know if I’ll ever find love or if it’s even what I need

I need to know that Love is God and God is love

I want God to know that He’s enough, this I believe

I want all my questions answered by Him from up above

I don’t need someone who disagrees with this or think I want too much

I need faith someone out there feels the same way

I want someone who agrees with me and feels as such

I want love, real love, with God as the gateway

Joel Prickett




Some people say not giving advice is the best advice

But I think that’s a mental blunder

Isn’t saying not to give advice actually advice in itself

These things I wonder

If I’ve learned anything over the years

It’s that I need advice

I’ve also learned to give away what I’ve learned

And do it without a price

Do it to nourish

Do it to cherish

Do it so others may not perish

Advise out of love

Advise so others downward spirals may be turned

Here are a few things that I’ve learned-

Stay out of your own way

If you don’t ask the answer is always no

Learn to meditate and pray

When you’re at bottom there’s only one way to go-

And you’ve reached bottom when you stop digging

Stay teachable, humble and kind

A life without love and laughter is a life without living

Consider words and actions closely because life has no rewind

Treat others as you’d like to be treated

Holding hate and resentment in your heart only hurts you

A flower or garden grows best if properly watered and weeded

Forgiving, not forgetting, is one of the greatest things you can do

Being honest, open-minded and willing is really how to live

Strive towards a life that’s simple, loving and free

Live in the present, love in the moment, learn how to truly give

These are all things that were passed down to me

Please, please! Above all else find God

It’s the best advice I know to give

A self-serving, self-absorbed life is no life at all

Serving God and others is the best life to live……

That I know

Joel Prickett



First understand that alone is not bad

Sure,of course, it’s not the life that you had

It’s a time of reflection and a time for growing

It’s spending time with the Mighty All Knowing

You’re not alone,

you’re not the only person who’s lost their way

These things sometimes happen in our lives

but it’s not the final say

Every moment is a chance, every second is a choice

Of how you will continue

And how you’ll use your voice

And if you call to him- humbly, truly call to him

I’m sure it will be known

That moments and chances that you think have slipped by

All along you were never really….alone

Joel Prickett


When one door closes….

When one door closes

Life is life.

There’s no blueprint, map or crystal ball,

Only your choice of who’ll you bring with you through it all.

There’s no telling sometimes of what life poses-

how when one door opens another one closes.

Or is that backwards?

Life is life.

When one door closes another one opens-

It may not’ve been the one you placed all your hope in.

You may not’ve known that a door was even there.

It may have been only in God’s watchful stare.

Life is life.

Forward or back-

Which way do I go?

Which door do I go through?

How am I to know?!?!

The choice of which door, or even walking through it, matters much less-

Than the choice of who you brought with you on each of life’s quests

Today I choose a life not wrought from my own desires, or my own plans-

But instead ask God to put my life in his own hands.

Life is Life.

It’s a fact so simple, so truthful and so well known!

But so many people miss the part of never, ever having to go through it……


Joel Prickett




It’s in the moment where I feel most helpless that I need to turn

This lesson is simple but sometimes so hard to learn

If I’m helpless then I have no answers, I have no solutions for my problems

I need to turn to someone who knows how to solve them

I used to turn to something, anything to alter my minds sound

But when my mind would speak again no answers would be found

Only more helplessness stuck in my mind doomed for me to keep

It seems as though I dug my hole, once again, even more deep

When God was mentioned, I learned to always quickly turn away

So wrongfully directed, turning towards my own dismay

Then one day I tried something different, turning towards Him

I was amazed at the soundness and joy this brought in

I have practiced this for many years not always getting it right

Sometimes no soundness will come, and even that’s alright

I must have trust that he knows best even if to me it isn’t known

I have much better results relying on His mind than relying on my own

This practice has brought more soundness and more joy with each passing day

Simply learning to turn towards instead of turning away

Joel Prickett


Marriage (Anguish Language)

There was a time when I swore I’d never marry again. Or even open my heart to another. I was in a lot of pain and dealing with much anger. I was in a dark place. I wrote this at that time. (Usually don’t share my dark stuff but It was an outlet for me and part of the overall healing process). Luckily I have come out of that darkness. I can’t imagine staying in such a dark place for too long anymore. The point being- stay real, feel, share then heal.

Marriage (Anguish Language)

True Love?

When true love isn’t true, it’s a lie

When it changes and it dies

Was it really ever true at all?

Will you remember? Can you recall?

No one ever really knows for sure,

A false sense of loving from the impure.

A one sided perception based on trust.

A leap of faith in the arms of the unjust.

When trust and love both bite you

When honorable oaths spite you

Will you now believe its a lie?

With intentions of helping you die?

Now can you see it through?

A destructive end to leave believers blue.

A stifling stench of burden to have & to


A merciless twisted knot if real truth be told.

Will you take this person to love?

Will you then place all else above?

When it’s believed, it’s life’s breath

When you see the truth, it’s death.

True love’s truth is a lie within

A wonderful fantasy if you like to pretend.

A cherished torturing on a believer’s soul

A pursuit of dark into a bottomless 


When will true love ever win?

Joel Prickett


“Nurse!” (Pt. 2)

“Nurse!” (Pt.2)

I just got report in the ER and shift change was underway. We were in the midst of the first COvid crisis and stress was already very very high. I’d taken over the care of a very young expecting soon to be (for the first time) mother. She miscarried once. And much had to be done even though she already had a room ready. Meds, IV fluids and meds, paperwork, etc etc etc. . Plus she was POSITIVE!

I suited up in all the PPE I could and I went in. The goal is always “in and out quick” when dealing with contagious diseases. I bombarded her with education while going over paperwork, giving meds, POC, etc etc. Never wasting even a second. I got wrapped up in everything and all the tasks at hand that I had forgotten something. Plus I was sweating and it was getting hard to breathe. ‘Time to go’ was pressed in my mind.

I was backing out and near the door (still talking, mind you) when she said the word. “Nurse?” “Is my baby gonna be ok?”

It floored me. In an instant I felt all her fear. I looked in her eyes and it was there. How did I miss it? I’ve never ‘carried’ (a baby) before but I got a glimpse of maternal responsibility at that moment.

I pulled up a chair and sat right next to her. I took her hand. I assured her that her baby was ok. Not because I was a visionary or anything magical like that but because I knew that baby had the best mom it could. And she was going to be one amazing mother. This is what I made her understand. This is what I forgot. She thanked me in the most heartfelt way. And I in turn thanked her. When I last saw her the fear in her eyes was replaced with a ‘smiling glow’.

I had forgotten for a moment the depth nursing can take. And the opportunities that can be missed when caring for others. I was rejuvenated (again) in that moment. Nursing at it’s best is caring (truly) and sharing- (of myself). Again, I look at this as way more than a job and that’s why I still love it. That’s my vision for you. That’s the magical part.

Joel Prickett