Be the light

Be the light Be the light which shines fearlessly through the dark Be the brightness to those when others lose their mark Be the flare which initiates a darker ones spark Be the light Be the light which recedes shadows when they begin to grow Be the brightness to others who’ve seemed to’ve lost their […]

Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line I understand the concept of the thin blue line, a little- It separates good from evil with the cop in the middle. Without it we would know a very totally different existence. But there’s a spot on this thin line that to me really doesn’t make sense. The day of reckoning will […]


Unfolded See into me I see into you We unfold ourselves By disclosures Through reality We touch It’s a bit much We stay folded By our composures We reach out We risk We unfold ourselves Through our passion We collide Our souls sigh We fold ourselves Through our brain’s fear And ration We connect We […]