Old Soul

Old Soul

You can always tell from their eyes

The aged wisdom in kept disguise

The tongue can’t endure

The lofty allure

That their all seeing sight can easily surmise.

The knowledge seeps from their gaze

Through soul’s depth and the mind’s maze

To the rest assure

This vintage is pure

Their age has dwelt through many of days.

You may by chance catch their stare

To easily surmise they’re already aware

That you’re insecure

That your voice unsure

Approaches this soul with caution and care.

To learn from them should be your goal

Avoid usurpation as you would a hole.

The learning is free

With humility’s key

Open your mind to the wisdom……

To the old soul.

Joel Prickett


Published by Joel Prickett

I have a desire to help people with my writing whether through stories, poetry or personal contact. I’ve seen and been through a lot in my life and have learned the purpose of it is to help others

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