End of my Rope

End of my rope

I remember joy, I remember light

Lightness as light as the lightest feather

I know darkness

And I know pain

And I know the tightness of a tightening tether

I remember laughter, I remember smiles

Smiles as bright as the brightest ray of hope

I know sadness

And I know tears

And I know what it feels like at the end of my rope

I remember balance, I remember peace

Peace as calm as the calmest soul will allow

I know torment

And I know angst

And I know what it’s like to lose your way somehow

I remember grace, I remember love

Love more lovelier than the love of all love

I know loneliness

And I know despair

And I know the cost of this strangling strain from above

I remember caring, I remember being free of care

So care free that every fiber in me exuded caring care

I know apathy

And I know oblivion

And I understand poor balance as I stand on this chair

I remember surrendering, I remember letting go

Letting go of all worries, just dropping them in God’s lap

I know surrender

And I know freedom

And I take it back, let go, fall, the last sound that I hear, it’ll all be done

In a ……………….snap

I hang here, at the end of my rope

All I remember and all I know now gone

I’m unable anymore to comprehend what I have done

I cannot see my loved ones try to cope

I cannot feel their pain as they struggle to go on

I’m even unable to have the one single thought

The thought I should have told someone

Joel Prickett


Published by Joel Prickett

I have a desire to help people with my writing whether through stories, poetry or personal contact. I’ve seen and been through a lot in my life and have learned the purpose of it is to help others

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