First understand that alone is not bad

Sure,of course, it’s not the life that you had

It’s a time of reflection and a time for growing

It’s spending time with the Mighty All Knowing

You’re not alone,

you’re not the only person who’s lost their way

These things sometimes happen in our lives

but it’s not the final say

Every moment is a chance, every second is a choice

Of how you will continue

And how you’ll use your voice

And if you call to him- humbly, truly call to him

I’m sure it will be known

That moments and chances that you think have slipped by

All along you were never really….alone

Joel Prickett


Published by Joel Prickett

I have a desire to help people with my writing whether through stories, poetry or personal contact. I’ve seen and been through a lot in my life and have learned the purpose of it is to help others

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