Technology craze

Technology craze The glaze controls the haze, Fixed eyes on pixels daze- Humanity slips from human phase- Dull emphasis placed on the dooming craze. The brain corralled down corridor, Stunted growth for ever more- Contracted elbows, fingers sore- Becoming our own dinosaurs. Techno advancing like a blaze, But inward turns into the maze Of our […]

Thrown Stone

Thrown stone Cast it. Hum it. Text it. Tag it. Blog it. Bash it! It’s all the same. Stones have new meaning in the world we live in today, just with different names. They’re picked up and thrown on the wings of a paper airplane on the screen of your smart device. Evil still delights […]

Their they’re there

Their they’re there (PLEASE PROOFREAD) ‘There’ is where there’s alliteration and there’s a poem about punctuation which explains their situation of how they’re begging for communication. This isn’t said with exclamation (!) but rather with “precise pronunciation.” This may seem or sound like education, but that was then rather than now; and where we’re at […]

Cubicles of mankind

Cubicles of mankind Evolution!!! Here we are at highest height, greatest greatness and pined for pinnacle. While each of us, everyone of mankind is designated their own cubicle. The most intelligent intelligence, brightest brightness and wisest wisdom Has delivered us here, to our alone kingdom. The perpetual perpetrations, the neglectful neglects and selfish selves we […]

Soul Searching

Soul searcher The exterior covers the precious soul- It’s what is seen by fixed eyes, As a human disguise to prevent connection and give our human race it’s whole. Unfixing the orbs is the chore that most negate by choice- And choose residing in the superficial regions of gender, race and voice. To live this […]