Relapse- prelude, interlude and epilogue (Deliberately improper) Sanity keeps sin Serenity sleeps in Insanity creeps in Divinity peeps in Calamity leaps in Anonymity’s deep skin Profanity bleeps in The enemy creeps in Vanity’s sheep skin Identity sleeps again Humanity weeps again Amenities cheap win Inhumanity sweeps in Affinity reaps sin Sanity keeps sin Joel Prickett […]

Old Soul

Old Soul You can always tell from their eyes The aged wisdom in kept disguise The tongue can’t endure The lofty allure That their all seeing sight can easily surmise. The knowledge seeps from their gaze Through soul’s depth and the mind’s maze To the rest assure This vintage is pure Their age has dwelt […]

A challenging social experiment on civility (or lack there of) and a solution

We’re losing our capability for civility We’re drowning in self induced misery When have we ever learned from cruelty? We bash our counterparts so brutally- That it erodes our human ability To love Why can’t we recognize our disability? Why do we strive for uncivilized brutality? Why do we cling to discord so hatefully? It […]


“Nurse!” Many times I’ve sat there. “Don’t leave me, I don’t want to die alone.” And sat there. “I’m here. I’m with you” A dying thanks is bittersweet but it’s still the last thing they said. It’s a station I choose for my life. It’s an honor to be nurse. Immersed in fellow man through […]

How to love

How to love Love deep…. Til bonds are made that are immeasurable Love deep… Til minds fill gaps that are pleasurable Love deep… Til feelings are found which have never been felt Love deep… Til your mind doesn’t care that your heart wants to melt Then… Love deeper…. Til your cares erode by the glimpse […]