Spare Change

Spare change

“I am who I am, I cannot change” you say

You’re not alone I assure you

Only what’s inside you is what can cure you

I’m compelled to write these words for you and to you

People struggle with this notion every second of every day

Opening the mind is one of the greatest abilities of a human being

We must shed our structures of close minded obstruction

We must believe this contempt leads to our own destruction

Our mind should be aimed at ego reduction

This is the instinctual spiritual gift of seeing without seeing

A sugar coated confession may as well just be confections

An apology with no true remorse

No desire to change course

And given with harsh force

May as well just be kept inside with your other mentally deranged reflections

I’ve never believed that “when they know better they’ll do better” saying

People knowingly and consciously choose sin every second of every day

It’s the human flaw of free will, we were made this way

The goal is not to surrender to this fact in utter dismay

But to mutter honest remorse and a true desire to change in conversations called praying

I’ve never believed you can truly conquer hate by retaliation with even more hate

If the hate begins with just one

And then both begin to hate and shun

Then evil’s handiwork is truly done

Can we rather seek love in these moments and not seal our own fate?

You are who you are with the ability to change every second of every day

It’s our own ability to reach inside of us

To find God who constantly resides in us

Who wants to help us change in spite of us

Having the ability to open our minds and change ourselves is why God made us this way

Can you spare some change?

Joel Prickett 4/11/19



See into me

I see into you

We unfold ourselves

By disclosures

Through reality

We touch

It’s a bit much

We stay folded

By our composures

We reach out

We risk

We unfold ourselves

Through our passion

We collide

Our souls sigh

We fold ourselves

Through our brain’s fear

And ration

We connect

We interject

We unfold ourselves

With invigoration

Our experience

yields in our hesitation

Which stands to reason

We again fold ourselves

By well trained resignation

We kiss

It’s bliss

We unfold ourselves

By our love

With God invited

And hearts blighted

We stay unfolded

With guidance from above

A wrapped heart is good for no one

Neither is a closeted sheltered soul

Thank you to all of you

For helping me to unfold

Joel Prickett 2/24/2018

God is not Prozac

God is not Prozac

Here’s an approach that

Might make you look back

And ask yourself “How’s that?”

God is not Prozac

He is sufficient and he is proficient

And He knows how to heal you

But in order for him to do that

First he has to feel you

Why would he create you and not care for your mental health?

But in order for you to feel him, first you have to be able to feel yourself

We don’t need to mask our human abilities with medication

Our mind with its feelings wasn’t given to us so we can disguise it

We need to spend more time in prayer and meditation

And try to free our scary skeletons from their hidden closet

We have chemical imbalances due to hormones and emotions

And the toxins we ingest unbalance us even more

We’re lost in pills the size of vast oceans

It’s time we stop skimming the surface and get to the core*

We’re given all this advice but the best is brushed aside

Like mules with blinders trying to plow a straight line

Letting God be our psychiatrist and letting him be our guide

Is the greatest therapy for freeing the mind

We spend countless hours in appointments

But don’t delve to the root of the problem

But continue with our anxiety on the spinning wheel of disappointment

Instead of letting God solve them

I do understand at times there’s a short necessity

Which has been stretched over a lifetime by corruption and greed

I don’t understand it’s just a guess to me

Why we don’t want everyone to be mentally freed

Our solutions are within ourselves in

Our ability to reach out to others and God

Our ability to talk to others and God

Our ability to share ourselves, ALL of ourselves (to the core*) with others and God

Our ability to love ourselves

Joel Prickett 3/20/19

The Ministry of Vanity

The Ministry of Vanity

The fakeness of beauty has blinded us in the world we’re in now

How can we tell what you’re feeling when you change your eyebrows?

We’re expected to taste the real you through kissing caked lips somehow?

It seems someone should have said something by now.

I understand the need to impress upon is important for you

The made up mask blocks us from seeing the true you

Is this the impression that we now see as desirable?

Please remove your coating so the real you can shine through

If the eyes are truly the windows to the soul somehow

Why do you curtain them with fake lashes below the fake brows?

And masquerade them with mascara and liners and fake contacts now

Are we truly supposed to see the real you through this somehow?

The ability to blush is a gift given to both me and you

It allows us to see if our efforts are getting through

But the fake blushes and bases are really undesirable

On the basis of not knowing if we’re truly reaching you

These artificial filters are controlling the minds eye now

We’re relying on programming to make us feel beautiful somehow

If there’s one wish that I had for all mankind to do

Would be let the real me really meet the real you

Maybe we should let Maybelline go

Let L’Oréal loose for a while

Not cover the girl with Covergirl

And let everyone see the true gift to the world.

A woman

Who was not born with a compact

Who’s been deceived by a made up industry

Can we just let true beauty come back?

And not let it be it’s own fake ministry

Joel Prickett 4/1/19

Romance Part 1

Romance. Part 1

Deliver me from delirium

If you let me inside you once you will never forget me

Release my brain from the desirable pain that began the moment you met me

Desire which teeters my equilibrium

And makes it lovable and unforgettable

Only I can figure out the central core of your love

The centrifugal force and intensity of your obsession follows me forever more

The only pure romance I have truly ever known

But your purity sweeps me blindly-

As a broom sweeps imaginary dust from a glass floor

And this love………..

This love you own.

Joel Prickett 4/1/17

Virtually Speaking

Virtually speaking

Many say patience is a virtue.

Patience is a statue

Which watches you,

And angrily mocks you,

And decides when to hurt you.

Many say kindness is a virtue.

The truth about kindness

Is left behind us,

As envy seeps through our blindness

With intentions only to hurt you.

Many say diligence is a virtue. The vigilance itself maims

Like the lapping flames which engulf the moth-

The laziness of the sloth

Slowly and deliberately seeks to hurt you.

Many say charity is a virtue.

The world has fallen to taking.

Our wants exceed our needs, Which in turn leads to more and more greed.

This unfillable hole will only engulf you and hurt you.

Many say chastity is a virtue. While most argue that lust is a must, That love is sex and sex is love-

Delivered from God above!

But don’t understand how bad this thinking can hurt you.

Many say temperance is a virtue. In a world of immediate fingertip gratification- The irony of this situation is that gluttony is served up quickly with the touch of a button or key,

And nobody seems to grasp the hurt it does to you.

Many say humility is a virtue.

Humility is a journey to the truest you,

But pride eagerly assists with the fight against this-

Cloaked in disguise of your self righteousness

With humblest intentions to mislead you and hurt you.

The virtual realm centers on battling the enemy within you-

Where lives the 7 deadly sins which want to hurt you,

But also lives the seven virtues of goodness which seek to cleanse you.

Will you choose vice or will you choose virtue?

Joel Prickett 10/22/17





Chastity- lust

Charity- greed

Temperance- gluttony


Relapse- prelude, interlude and epilogue

(Deliberately improper)

Sanity keeps sin

Serenity sleeps in

Insanity creeps in

Divinity peeps in

Calamity leaps in

Anonymity’s deep skin

Profanity bleeps in

The enemy creeps in

Vanity’s sheep skin

Identity sleeps again

Humanity weeps again

Amenities cheap win

Inhumanity sweeps in

Affinity reaps sin

Sanity keeps sin

Joel Prickett 2/14/16

Old Soul

Old Soul

You can always tell from their eyes

The aged wisdom in kept disguise

The tongue can’t endure

The lofty allure

That their all seeing sight can easily surmise.

The knowledge seeps from their gaze

Through soul’s depth and the mind’s maze

To the rest assure

This vintage is pure

Their age has dwelt through many of days.

You may by chance catch their stare

To easily surmise they’re already aware

That you’re insecure

That your voice unsure

Approaches this soul with caution and care.

To learn from them should be your goal

Avoid usurpation as you would a hole.

The learning is free

With humility’s key

Open your mind to the wisdom……

To the old soul.

Joel Prickett


An EGO trip punctuate freely

An EGO trip punctuate freely

Interjected illusions has to be

The mask placed skillfully

Deceit wrought willfully

The ego is full you see

The brain glides mightily

The fears fly frightfully

The walls built high you see

Nothing inside of me

The soul pleads mercifully

The heart withers willfully

The mind is full you see

Everything except reality

Grace left vacantly

Love lost blatantly

Peace sighed emptily

God supplied empathy

Pain wells eagerly

Disease weaves meagerly

The blind bottom you see

With minds eye absently

No room left for vanity

Grasp for your sanity

It’s amazing how uncannily

The mind can be your own enemy

Joel Prickett 3/18/15

A challenging social experiment on civility (or lack there of) and a solution

We’re losing our capability for civility

We’re drowning in self induced misery

When have we ever learned from cruelty?

We bash our counterparts so brutally-

That it erodes our human ability

To love

Why can’t we recognize our disability?

Why do we strive for uncivilized brutality?

Why do we cling to discord so hatefully?

It seems we relish in inducing misery

Rather than teaching our greatest ability

To love

Why have we chosen to reach for futility?

It seems we don’t want the responsibility

To teach our young the accessibility

To the power to nurture and grow our fertility

To love

So many people question “how do we do it?”

Or say “we need to do it” but offer no solutions….

The solution is one word. It’s love.

“It’s love for everyone by everyone!”

Just try this for one day.

Say “I love you.” Tell as many people you can- strangers, loved ones, enemies and friends, everyone you can! Please. Try it for just one day out of your entire existence.

And listen to your peace at day’s end

Did you smile? Does it feel good? Did you mend?

If hate or anger arises put it behind “I LOVE YOU”

And you will discover an amazing thing-

Incivility, brutality, misery and cruelty,

Hate, discord, and loss of direction will be replaced by their own counterparts-

By love.

It worked for me anyway……..If it does for you then share your truth.

I Love You,

Joel Prickett 10/30/18