End of my Rope

End of my rope

I remember joy, I remember light

Lightness as light as the lightest feather

I know darkness

And I know pain

And I know the tightness of a tightening tether

I remember laughter, I remember smiles

Smiles as bright as the brightest ray of hope

I know sadness

And I know tears

And I know what it feels like at the end of my rope

I remember balance, I remember peace

Peace as calm as the calmest soul will allow

I know torment

And I know angst

And I know what it’s like to lose your way somehow

I remember grace, I remember love

Love more lovelier than the love of all love

I know loneliness

And I know despair

And I know the cost of this strangling strain from above

I remember caring, I remember being free of care

So care free that every fiber in me exuded caring care

I know apathy

And I know oblivion

And I understand poor balance as I stand on this chair

I remember surrendering, I remember letting go

Letting go of all worries, just dropping them in God’s lap

I know surrender

And I know freedom

And I take it back, let go, fall, the last sound that I hear, it’ll all be done

In a ……………….snap

I hang here, at the end of my rope

All I remember and all I know now gone

I’m unable anymore to comprehend what I have done

I cannot see my loved ones try to cope

I cannot feel their pain as they struggle to go on

I’m even unable to have the one single thought

The thought I should have told someone

Joel Prickett




Above all else

My pain is worse.

I need a moment to dwell in myself.

This may take years.

This is not new to my self-

It’s not my first.

It’s no one else.

Before all is said

And many thoughts left undone,

Many aspirations turned to ash

As bridges burn-

I’m only left to ask

Am I really truly the only one?

For me all is sad.

As I now lay still

And left with my mirror to reflect,

Looking inward endlessly

But onwardly blind-

Pools of tears come in my sleep.

And the pain is true and direct,

So I stay still.

Materialism is laughable

And knowledge a mere hoax.

A soul carries only love,

The pain of loss is also there.

All else is maintained above

Subsided with a mental coax.

Am I able to laugh?

The grievance towards grief-

The downward spiraling stair-

The soul’s response to loss?

Tear-stained skin with wrenching gut.

Loves one potential cost!

The downward cast stare

Sees grief itself grieving….

And this is known as loss.

Joel Prickett


Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line

I understand the concept of the thin blue line, a little-

It separates good from evil with the cop in the middle.

Without it we would know a very totally different existence.

But there’s a spot on this thin line that to me really doesn’t make sense.

The day of reckoning will come to all mankind, I reckon.

But the cops existence is reckoned with daily, from second to second.

The confusing, painful part of this-

Is wondering where their blue line exists.

Do they give it up for the duty in which they were beckoned?

Or is their blue line existent only between each second?

Not knowing which breath may just be their last,

With their only intention of making our blue line more vast,

Is the most sacrificing endeavor for a human to ask;

I sometimes wonder if I’d be up to the task.

Some of their existences are taken too quickly away

Like this line they establish, which they fight for each day

And I know that God sees all of this from above

I know that he sows this thin blue line with His love

In the hopes of better days for all mankind

When we’ll no longer need the idea of a thin blue line

Until then I thank all of the men and women in blue

The world is a better place because of you.

Joel Prickett 5/8/19

In memory of those who died in the thin blue line of duty. For me and for you.

Soul Scab

Soul scab

Have you ever had a well healed scab ripped from your soul?

Have you ever stood in the middle of hell and still felt cold?

Have you ever prayed for the very best for those who tried to destroy you?

Have you ever had loved ones who love you so much that they would stand in the line of fire for you?

Have you ever felt so much pain that you wondered if God really cares how you feel?

Have you ever drowned in the blood of your hemorrhaging soul thinking it would never heal?

Have you truly ever saw the true glory of God’s loving grace?

Have you ever seen Him take such darkness and put light in its place?

I have

Joel Prickett




The footprints 👣 of Jesus in the sand

The grooved sidewalk shows a shape of a hand

The mighty ocean crashes onto the land

The pale white skin under a wedding band

These are all impressions

The tear streaked track down cheeks skin

The accusing question of “where have you been?!”

The gradual loss of a good friend

The horrific reply of “I’m at it again, and again, and again…….”

These all leave impressions

A soft kiss, pressed lightly, and left to feel

The heart and soul tasted in a well cooked meal

The assistance in helping another to heal

The ability to truly worship and let yourself kneel

These all give impressions

The precision of a crafter

A baby’s relentless bubbling laughter

The exhilaration of a white water rafter

And the moment felt……. just after

These all have impressions

The knife stabbed easily into the back

The ears absorbing the verbal attack

The eyes take in but can’t give back

The sting on the face as abusive hands smack

These are lasting impressions

A smile, a hug, a look we share

A job, a task, a burden we bear

Any indication to show we care

Just letting someone know that you are there

These all make impressions

Which impressions would you like to give?

Which impressions would you like to receive?

Think of this with the life you live

Think of this with the impressions you leave

Impress upon someone’s heart a desire to love

Impress upon someone’s soul a desire to give

Impressions are as permanent as the memories we have

Impressions are shaped by the lives we choose to live.

Joel Prickett




It’s when you’re blinded so much by your own hate which you hold so dearly

That allows others to see the true nature of your heart much more clearly

Hate’s a self-serving proposition which some cling to with lavish intensity

Hate’s a lie which should never be adorned as our human nature’s true propensity

I have a faith in God above

I truly believe that God is Love

As hate strives to oppose this love

God works unopposed from above

“It’s impossible not to hate!” you say.

“It’s in our nature! We’re born this way!”

If this is your station, or excuse, or belief in hate then I would have to say-

I understand your position, I’ve been there myself, but I’ve learned a better way.

Your choice is simple and not disguised by the malicious vibes you send

Let Love abound- through you and from you- let it guide your being else you will meet a bitter end.

It’s a simple truth

Hate is a choice

Will you let it consume you?

Or will you choose a different voice?

Joel Prickett 11/11/19

Rubber Soul

Rubber soul

The treads run thin at times in our lives

The pain sneaks through like fresh sharpened knives

Should I sell my soul?

Should I give in and fold?

Or kick back with a fresh step of my soul with a goal to revive

We scream at times I can’t take anymore or go another step

You don’t know the miles I’ve walked and the tears I’ve wept

I’ll walk right beside you and I care

I’ve come here now to make you aware

It’s time to reach inside our souls’ endless reserve to give our step a bit more pep

You can stop looking at the miles, the pain, the wear and tear- if you choose

It’s comparable to someone who for continuous hours on end studies a bruise.

Will it really change the fact?

That you got to where you’re at?

Let’s not try walking in another’s but instead try fitting better into our own shoes.

The human propensity to survive, to endure, to achieve a goal

Is at times left at the wayside, waylaid, surrendered and left untold

Do you understand the souls ability?

The graceful magical elasticity?

It can stretch for endless miles through any trek, yes it’s the amazing soul

Joel Prickett


Forgive and forget

Forgive and forget

You forget by forgiveness

Not forget what was unforgivable

But the part which contributed

To your madness

The slope is slippery on this one

If you don’t grasp the truth

You’ll slide off into oblivion

The pain is real, it’s undeniable

But the grip you place upon it

Leaves your own self liable

I know firsthand of self induced misery

Searching for alternative universes

Through minds doors- a game of self elusive trickery

Any door but the only one which will provide you true healing

Are the ones you grasp for pleadingly

Perpetually delving into those ‘bad’ feelings

Some say feelings are neither bad nor good

“They’re just feelings”

I beg to differ, or so I at least feel I should

Some actually say, “I would forgive them if I could.”

You can never forget, that’s undeniable

Your brains not designed that way

But you can forgive, this notion should always be desirable

Forgetting implies erasing the scorching memory

Don’t waste energy on this illusion

Rather learn to forgive to reduce the scorching to simmering

And in the simmering you’ll find the thought less painful

You may even pray for those who hurt you

And in this mode you may, yes may, even become thankful

It’s always possible to forgive, some may not agree

We’re designed that way for our own well being

Rather than thinking “they got to me” try thinking “they got to me “

Joel Prickett


Be the light

Be the light

Be the light which shines fearlessly through the dark

Be the brightness to those when others lose their mark

Be the flare which initiates a darker ones spark

Be the light

Be the light which recedes shadows when they begin to grow

Be the brightness to others who’ve seemed to’ve lost their glow

Be the flare which guides lost ones so they know which way to go

Be the light

Be the light

Be the light which gives hope with a lightness of heart

Be the brightness to another heart which is falling apart

Be the flare which sparks inspiration in life’s canvas of art

Be the light

Be the light

Be the light

Joel Prickett


How to make love

How to make love

Don’t just feel the flesh, it’s not the best part

Delve into her completely until you’re able to caress her heart

Excite her mind with your touch

Dive deep into her entirely until she says “too much”

Then stay at that point

Expand that single moment into her being

Kiss her, talk to her

Let her feel and see what you are seeing

Be unselfish and giving

Be extremely observant in this intimate moment of two people living

Search for her soul in your endeavor to find her “spot”

Breathe deeply and absorb her breath

As if it’s the last breath you’ve got

Watch and respond to her eyes and her sounds,

The way her body’s moving

As you’re both indulging in the ecstasy you’ve found.

Be real in this moment in time

Laugh or scream, respond to your own instincts and feelings

Mesh so immensely that it removes the sublime

There’s an intense sensation with this type of healing

Of this type of intimacy

on all spiritual, mental, physical and emotional connections

It’s the greatest gratification when sharing your affections

By Joel Prickett 2/4/19